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UACS India provides your HVAC systems with the right chemical treatment with its HVAC cleaning products to operate at peak performance. We indulged in trading HVAC chemicals and delivering services according to our customer’s needs. And we are proudly announce that all our products are Made In India with optimum quality.

Descaling chemical

DESCALING CHEMICALDescaling chemicals provide excellent protection to air conditioning systems from scaling formation which is the result of untreated water on the walls of the air conditioner. The water that is used as a cooling medium in the air conditioning unit, when left untreated can cause harm to your centralized or domestic air conditioning unit as impurities like dissolved or suspended solids shall form scale on it.

At UACS, we have come up with a solution to solve this problem of scale formation. So don’t worry. Scale can be easily removed by using descaling chemicals. We supply descaling chemicals of the best quality that efficiently remove scale.

Cooling tower chemical

COOLING TOWER CHEMICALThe cooling tower used in air conditioning units needs to be treated with cooling tower chemicals in order to make sure that your air conditioning system cools efficiently and has a longer life. If the water in the cooling tower of Chiller is left untreated then scaling and corrosion starts to occur. This worsens the performance of the chiller. Our wide range of cooling treatment chemicals can help in preventing these problems.
Our cooling tower chemicals are very effective in preventing problems like scaling, corrosion, and microbial growth in cooling towers of chiller. Get in touch with us to know more about it.


At UACS India, we provide AHU products that are required for conditioning and circulating air as a part of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.


At UACS India, we are known to provide clean air solutions to a large number of people in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. To keep up with our reputation of being the best AC installation and service provider, we have come up with a wide range of AHUs that come in varied sizes and specifications as per the application requirements of our clients.

The AHUs that we provide are manufactured using superior quality raw material and employing latest technology. These are widely recommended by various numbers of clients because they are durable, need low maintenance, have high dust holding capacity, and offer high functional efficiency.

AHU filters

AHU FILTERS The new air filter technology consists of multiple filter layers. Coarse fibres, carbon layers, fabric layers, air purification layer, protecting against PM2.5 dust, germs, viruses, bacteria, purifying the air, pure aroma. We provide Air Handling Unit or (AHU) filters so that your air conditioning units continue to maintain their high performance, providing efficient cooling to you and your entire family. These filters are widely used for filtering the air that comes from the air conditioner; ensuring that you breathe only clean air.

Our wide range of AHU Filters is used for proper ventilation and section of AHU’s installed at homes, hospitals, hotels, as well as offices. They are specifically designed to meet the requirement of clean air in the air conditioning system. Get your old AHU filters replaced from UACS India and enjoy cool indoors.


FCU products that we offer at UACS India are flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of space needs, installation configurations, and usage applications.

FCU Products

Our FCU or Fan Coil Unit products are long-lasting, sturdy, and corrosion-proof. They can easily match different interior designs while offering better air distribution and saving more space. All our FCU products come in a variety of sizes and provisions and are made using supreme quality raw material in accordance with the defined industry standards.

You can get these FCU products from us in different specifications within the assured time period as per your requirements. What even more is that you can easily purchase these directly from us at leading market prices.

AC Repair and Installation Service

Air washers

We take pride in the fact that the air washer products we offer have been providing excellent performance, superior functionality, and hassle-free operations for years.

Single skin / double skin

Air washers are used for cleaning and cooling the warm and moist air so that the humidity levels are adjusted, keeping the surrounding cool and clean. Matching up with the exact requirements of customers, we bring a wide range of air washers.

At UACS India, we provide both single skin as well as double skin air washers that have a smooth finish, superior functionality, and tend to last longer. They are made in accordance with the quality standards of the global market. They can be used for a variety of reasons and can provide perfect and comfortable conditioning for your office as well as your home.

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